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What is stillon?
Welcome to stillon, the barfinder with the largest selection of bars in New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Zurich which fits your needs and are still open (still on). Don’t lose time crawling the internet to find a nice bar to visit. Instead, take advantage of stillon, and find the perfect open bar in seconds. Share it on Whatsapp to invite friends along and spend the time you saved using stillon out with your friends instead of alone behind your digital device! stillon shows you an overall view of bars in New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Zurich, categorized by the most popular and most frequently visited areas, and organized by opening hours. stillon provides basic information about the bars and offers you the option to share your preferred bar over Whatsapp. Through this feature, your friends can quickly see all of the details of your chosen bar, providing a short glimpse at the bar’s atmosphere along with the opening hours, the bar’s location on Google Maps, an outside view of the bar, and other specific properties (i.e. if smoking is allowed inside etc.)
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Why should I use stillon?
stillon offers independent navigation of many bars in New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Zurich. It allows you to search bars based on features you are looking for (i.e. Shisha-Bars, Rooftop-Bars, Wine-Bars, Jazz-Bars, Darts-Bars and so on). Increase the popularity of your favorite bar by sharing it on Whatsapp and uploading inside impression photos to stillon.
Want to be more stillon?
Feel free and download the latest wallpapers for desktop and mobile devices of the hottest stillon cities.
Wall of fame
Many thanks to all of these hard working, ambitious people, who helped (or are still helping) to keep stillon alive and up to date.
What happens with my photo and who can see it?
Your inside impression photo is shown to all stillon users and it's online as long as someone other uploads his photo of the selected bar, but at least after a few days it permanently disappears from stillon. Your uploaded photo is locked for some Minutes, after that someone other is able to upload his own view of it, so hurry up! If there already was a trusted upload impression photo in the past, it’s only possible to upload another fully trusted upload impression photo.
If you see a green hourglass (time trust) next to the uploaded impression photo time, then you can trust that the photo was shot approximately at the listed time, and is guaranteed not to be older than one 1 hour.
If you see a green flag (location trust) next to the uploaded impression photo time, then you can trust that this photo was shot in, at, or around (not more than a few meters away from) the bar.
If one of this trust icons is missing, your uploaded impression will be deleted after 1 hour!
Upload info Time range
deep night 00.00 - 06.00
by day 06.00 - 22.00
at night 22.00 - 24.00
Why are the most pictures on stillon in Black & White?
The picture of the entrance of a bar should not detract from the information about the bar, what’s happening at the bar at the moment, the opening hours, and the features of the bar. In addition, the quality of a black and white photo is superior compared to a colored one of the same file size.
Why is my favorite bar not listed?
stillon is still growing! Return to stillon in a few days, and you may find what you are looking for.
Why do I have to type in my email address to save my adventures?
You're just one touch away from being able to save your favorite bars with your own personalized and customized list. Enter your email address to gain access to the exclusive stillon adventures. Your email is necessary for verification and identification purposes only and will not be saved in our system.
Who has programmed stillon?
stillon is programmed by highly qualified apes within a humane animal experiment under cruelty-free, vegan, and non-smoking conditions. 🙊
By CityHEAT Information Services
Is there a stillon app for iOS?
Yes, stillon is available for free in the Apple App Store. Apple App Store
Is there a stillon app for android?
Yes, stillon is available for free in the Google Play Store. Google Play Store
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The location trust icon gives you now the confidence that the upload impression photo was shot in mentioned bar
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4 times faster inside impression uploads with the stillon app for Android
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Direct link to Google Maps to transfer the position of the bar to the Google Maps app
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Temporary closures of bars are now considered
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With realtime open/cloesd Google Maps
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